Health Safety and Environment

From operational negligence or just an accident to third party interference, our individual and community safety and environment are threatened. It is time to use services of our HSE experts to support either you, community and / company to prevent the next accident and save precious lives and further damage to our fragile environment.

We support with:

  • Mitigation process : If a business is to avoid the severe negative consequences of a major accident, it must have a rigorous process in place to identify major hazards, and assess and manage such risks. There is no "silver bullet" to managing major accident risk. To be successful all the elements of a comprehensive HSE and Operating management system must be in place.
  • Risk Assessment and Prevention: Companies must ensure they have a workable system in place to identify, evaluate and appropriately address all work related risks associated with working environments, both internal and external.
  • Best Practice: To ensure that all work activities and working environment conditions which have the potential to cause harm to people or damage to equipment within the company’s operations or surrounding community, are carried out in a safe manner.
  • Review of Safe Work Procedure: Regular reviews of safe work procedure should be carried out to ensure their suitability, effectiveness, applicability and relevance. Effective corrective actions, and where appropriate preventative actions, shall be applied to all deficiencies and non-compliances identified during reviews,
  • Hazard Management: Procedures shall be established and maintained for all personnel to identify and report hazards, incidents or any situation prejudicial to safety. The risks associated with all identified hazards shall be assessed, with regard to the likelihood and magnitude of the potential consequences. Significant hazard shall be evaluated and appropriately addressed, including actions, systems and arrangements for effectively managing these hazards. Regular reviews of the status of registered risks and the effectiveness of control measures shall be conducted.
  • Incidents/Accidents Management: To ensure that all accidents and incidents are identified, reported and investigated, and that the appropriate corrective action, aimed at preventing recurrence, is taken. The investigation of accidents and incidents shall include a process for identifying all the contributing factors of the accident or incident. The depth of detail of these investigations shall be appropriate to the actual or potential seriousness of the event. Systems shall be established and maintained for ensuring full compliance with the applicable legislative requirements related to accidents or incidents, including reporting to authorities, keeping of records, investigation and other actions as required in each jurisdiction. Serious accidents and incidents shall be effectively managed to prevent the company from huge financial loss, and prioritized corrective or preventative action, aimed at preventing recurrence of similar events, shall be implemented.