Community Support and Engagement

The concept of community engagement has become a subject of concern and discussion in recent time. The success of a business can depend on its ability to communicate with the local community in which it operates both prior to commencement of its operations and throughout the project.

Companies that interact with local people should be able to respond to their concerns and needs and manage their expectations.. It requires far more than money to truly become part of the community in which you operate. You have to engage with the community..

This is where our services come in-helping to build sustainable community development and enhance peace, trust and understanding between parties. ……Our community focused specialists support community or interest based groups to achieve collective success through promotion of best practices that clearly defines vision, mission, operational strategies and group management. In specifics we:

  • Support for Community cohesion based on mutual trust and collective responsibilities.
  • Identify and deliver agreed community projects to cost and time
  • Conduct community impact assessment and recommendations
  • Provide independent professional opinion to communities and groups dealing with government and or large commercial entities.
  • Address community concerns and enhance long term benefits of local development.
  • Facilitate community growth through two way conversation regarding mutual goals.
  • Advise on risk mitigation process that can assist operators in managing local issues and potential community impacts to alleviate pressure points and reduce project delays and interactions.
  • Provide sustainable development strategies that will ensure business is conducted in a way that promotes economic growth, a healthy environment and vibrant communities now and the future.