Alternative Dispute Resolution
(ADR)- No court, no huge legal expenses!

Let us resolve our differences out of court, yes out of court

We all generally wish that all our affairs, engagements and actions go very well, that our position is not only respected but accepted by other parties with whom we may be involved, but in reality, others often disagree with us and hold firmly to their position thus giving rise to DISPUTE(S) that often lead to unbearable legal tussle.

Our expert and experienced Mediators and Arbitrators will guide you through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to find mutually beneficial and lasting peace.

Benefits of using ADRs include:

  • Very confidential procedure
    * Your problem will most likely be resolved quicker than going to court
  • The Procedure is not as formal and technical as in court
  • You may be awarded compensation
  • In some schemes, the decision may be binding on the other party but not on you, leaving you free to pursue further through court if you wish
  • It may cost you less than going to court